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1st Scientific Meeting 2021 – Online

1st HGQ Scientific Meeting of 2021 – Online via Zoom – Thursday 22nd Apr 2021 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm. Guest Speakers: Dr Luke Vasanthakumar & Mark Bromley This event will be held online via Zoom. Cost – HGQ members – FREE (sign-up here). Capacity – 100 attendees; RSVP here – EXTENDED to Wed 21st Apr 2021 at 2:30pm. Zoom link to be sent out after RSVP has closed.


2021 HGQ Committee

  • Executive Committee
    • President – Mark Bromley (SNP)
    • Secretary – Amanda Marsden (PQ – PAH)
    • Treasurer – Jonathan Boyle (PQ-TPCH)
  • General Committee
    • Melissa Hillas (Mater)
    • Chris Cazier (QUT)
    • Lloyd Blundell (Trade)
    • Emma Hughes (SNP)
    • Brett Harrison (Trade)
    • Maddison Burrowes (QUT)
    • Sharee Durdin (QML)
    • Sara Konwisarz (PQ-TPCH)
    • Samantha Arandelovic (Mater)
    • Jerres Alcober (PQ-TPCH)
  • Coordinator Positions – TBA
    • Newsletter – Sharee Durdin (QML) & Melissa Hillas (Mater)
    • Scientific Meeting – Brett Harrison (Trade) & Lloyd Blundell (Trade)
    • Social Event – Emma Hughes (SNP)
    • Workshop – Chris Cazier (QUT) & Maddison Burrowes (QUT)
    • Website – Jerres Alcober (PQ-TPCH)
    • Social Media – Sara Konwisarz (PQ-TPCH)
    • Trade – Samantha Arandelovic (Mater)

HGQ Committee Roles & Responsibilities

  • President
    • Responsible for the HGQ
    • Chair Committee Meetings
    • Chair Annual General Meeting
    • Address members at Scientific Meetings
    • Provide agenda for each meeting
    • Provide President’s report for newsletters and AGM
    • Represent HGQ at awards nights, national groups, external events etc
  • Secretary
    • Update HGQ business address (secretary’s work address)
    • Send and receive letters, emails or other documents
    • Advise the President or Treasurer about urgent matters that arise from letters or other documents
    • Organise committee nominations for the AGM
    • Organise committee meetings & AGM
    • Prepare and sent out committee meeting agenda
    • Record, prepare and sent out meetings minutes
    • Gathering and presenting any relevant documents
  • Treasurer
    • Maintain records of all financial transactions including receipts, invoices and statements
    • Issue receipts, invoices and remittance advice
    • Complete all approved payments
    • Provide treasurer’s report for each meeting
    • Organise financial audit & submission of annual return to Office of Fair Trading

Coordinator Positions:

  • Newsletter
    • Collate articles, advertising & reports
    • Draft, review & publish newsletters
    • Organise committee to contribute with content for the newsletter
    • Provide article/advertising submission/release dates & information
  • Scientific Meeting
    • Organise venue/host, catering options, speaker gifts & attendance certificates
    • Assist in organising or providing the speaker/s
    • Provide scientific meeting flyer
  • Social Event
    • Organise Social Event/s
    • Organise Committee Dinner
    • Provide social event flyer
  • Workshop
    • Organise venue/host, catering options & speaker gifts
    • Assist in organising and/or providing the theme & program
    • Assist in organising and/or providing the speakers & demonstrators
    • Provide workshop flyer
  • Website & Social Media
    • Provide up-to-date information of meetings, events & newsletters to members and trade via the website & social media platforms
    • Renewal of website & social media platforms
    • Provide sponsorship – newsletter & website packages & rates
  • Trade
    • Maintain register of trade companies
    • Notify trade about sponsorship opportunities for scientific meetings, AGM, Workshops, Conferences, Social Events
    • Notify trade about sponsorship/advertising opportunities – newsletters and website
    • Assist trade with any questions

2021 HGQ Committee Announcement

Congratulations and Welcome to the 2021 HGQ Committee as elected at the recent AGM & Scientific Meeting: President – Mark Bromley (SNP); Secretary – Amanda Marsden (PQ-PAH); Treasurer – Jonathan Boyle (PQ-TPCH); Melissa Hillas (Mater); Chris Cazier (QUT); Lloyd Blundell (Trade); Emma Hughes (SNP); Brett Harrison (Trade); Maddison Burrowes (QUT); Sharee Durdin (QML); Sara Konwisarz (PQ-TPCH); Samantha Arandelovic (Mater); Jerres Alcober (PQ-TPCH). Thank you to the 2020 HGQ committee for their contributions and achievements during this unprecedented year as a result of the current global pandemic. We appreciate the ongoing support from our members, guests, other professional scientific organisations and trade companies during this difficult time. The 2021 HGQ Committee look forward to a better and brighter new year.