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    **** HGQ Committee Positions & Responsibilities listed below for your consideration ****


    HGQ Committee Positions & Responsibilities

    President (Elected at AGM):

    • Responsible for the HGQ
    • Chair Committee Meetings
    • Chair Annual General Meeting
    • Address members at Scientific Meetings
    • Provide agenda for each meeting
    • Provide President’s report for newsletters and AGM
    • Represent HGQ at awards nights, national groups, external events etc

    Secretary (Elected at AGM):

    • Update HGQ business address (secretary’s work address)
    • Send and receive letters, emails or other documents
    • Advise the President or Treasurer about urgent matters that arise from letters or other documents
    • Organise committee nominations for the AGM
    • Organise committee meetings & AGM
    • Prepare and sent out committee meeting agenda
    • Record, prepare and sent out meetings minutes
    • Gathering and presenting any relevant documents

    Treasurer (Elected at AGM):

    • Maintain records of all financial transactions including receipts, invoices and statements
    • Issue receipts, invoices and remittance advice
    • Complete all approved payments
    • Provide treasurer’s report for each meeting
    • Organise financial audit & submission of annual return to Office of Fair Trading

    Committee Member (Elected at AGM):

    • A general committee member will assume a specific coordinator position as decided by the elected committee group
    • Coordinator positions are as follows: 
      • Newsletter
        • Collate articles, advertising & reports
        • Draft, review & publish newsletters
        • Organise committee to contribute with content for the newsletter
        • Provide article/advertising submission/release dates & information
      • Scientific Meeting
        • Organise venue/host, catering options & speaker gifts
        • Assist in organising or providing the speaker/s
        • Provide scientific meeting flyer
      • Social Event
        • Organise Social Event/s
        • Organise Committee Dinner
        • Provide social event flyer
      • Website
        • Provide up-to-date information of meetings, events & newsletters to members and trade via website
        • Renewal of website
        • Provide sponsorship – newsletter & website packages & rates
      • Social Media
        • Provide up-to-date information of meetings, events & newsletters to members and trade via social media platforms
        • Renewal of social media platforms
      • Trade
        • Maintain register of trade companies
        • Notify trade about sponsorship opportunities for scientific meetings, AGM, Workshops, Conferences, Social Events
        • Notify trade about sponsorship/advertising opportunities – newsletters and website
        • Assist trade with any questions
      • Member
        • Maintain register of members
        • Notify members about scientific meetings, AGM, Workshops, Conferences, Social Events
        • Notify members about article submission opportunities – newsletters
        • Assist current & prospective members with any questions
        • Interview a member as part of an article for each newsletter edition