2021 HGQ Committee Announcement

Congratulations and Welcome to the 2021 HGQ Committee as elected at the recent AGM & Scientific Meeting: President – Mark Bromley (SNP); Secretary – Amanda Marsden (PQ-PAH); Treasurer – Jonathan Boyle (PQ-TPCH); Melissa Hillas (Mater); Chris Cazier (QUT); Lloyd Blundell (Trade); Emma Hughes (SNP); Brett Harrison (Trade); Maddison Burrowes (QUT); Sharee Durdin (QML); Sara Konwisarz (PQ-TPCH); Samantha Arandelovic (Mater); Jerres Alcober (PQ-TPCH). Thank you to the 2020 HGQ committee for their contributions and achievements during this unprecedented year as a result of the current global pandemic. We appreciate the ongoing support from our members, guests, other professional scientific organisations and trade companies during this difficult time. The 2021 HGQ Committee look forward to a better and brighter new year.