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Nominations NOW Open – 2019 HGQ Committee

Nominations are now open for the 2019 HGQ Committee. The committee will be elected by attending members at the upcoming AGM (more info to come). If you would like the opportunity to volunteer your time, skills & knowledge, take on a challenge, and give back to the local & wider histology community, nominate for the 2019 HGQ committee here . 

HGQ Committee Nominations

Nominee's Full Name:

Nominee's Employer:

Nominee's Job Position:

Nominee's Email:

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Nomination for:

Your name if you are nominating on behalf of the Nominee:

**** HGQ Committee Positions & Responsibilities listed below for your consideration ****


HGQ Committee Positions & Responsibilities

President (Elected at AGM):

  • Responsible for the HGQ
  • Chair Committee Meetings
  • Chair Annual General Meeting
  • Address members at Scientific Meetings
  • Provide agenda for each meeting
  • Provide President’s report for newsletters and AGM
  • Represent HGQ at awards nights, national groups, external events etc

Secretary (Elected at AGM):

  • Update HGQ business address (secretary’s work address)
  • Send and receive letters, emails or other documents
  • Advise the President or Treasurer about urgent matters that arise from letters or other documents
  • Organise committee nominations for the AGM
  • Organise committee meetings & AGM
  • Prepare and sent out committee meeting agenda
  • Record, prepare and sent out meetings minutes
  • Gathering and presenting any relevant documents

Treasurer (Elected at AGM):

  • Maintain records of all financial transactions including receipts, invoices and statements
  • Issue receipts, invoices and remittance advice
  • Complete all approved payments
  • Provide treasurer’s report for each meeting
  • Organise financial audit & submission of annual return to Office of Fair Trading

Committee Member (Elected at AGM):

  • A general committee member will assume a specific coordinator position as decided by the elected committee group
  • Coordinator positions are as follows: 
    • Newsletter
      • Collate articles, advertising & reports
      • Draft, review & publish newsletters
      • Organise committee to contribute with content for the newsletter
      • Provide article/advertising submission/release dates & information
    • Scientific Meeting
      • Organise venue/host, catering options & speaker gifts
      • Assist in organising or providing the speaker/s
      • Provide scientific meeting flyer
    • Social Event
      • Organise Social Event/s
      • Organise Committee Dinner
      • Provide social event flyer
    • Website
      • Provide up-to-date information of meetings, events & newsletters to members and trade via website
      • Renewal of website
      • Provide sponsorship – newsletter & website packages & rates
    • Social Media
      • Provide up-to-date information of meetings, events & newsletters to members and trade via social media platforms
      • Renewal of social media platforms
    • Trade
      • Maintain register of trade companies
      • Notify trade about sponsorship opportunities for scientific meetings, AGM, Workshops, Conferences, Social Events
      • Notify trade about sponsorship/advertising opportunities – newsletters and website
      • Assist trade with any questions
    • Member
      • Maintain register of members
      • Notify members about scientific meetings, AGM, Workshops, Conferences, Social Events
      • Notify members about article submission opportunities – newsletters
      • Assist current & prospective members with any questions
      • Interview a member as part of an article for each newsletter edition